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Monday, January 14, 2013

Novation K-Station Synthesizer

via this auction

"The Novation K-Station is a great-sounding, 3-oscillator VA synthesizer. Based on the same technology found in its bigger brother the SuperNova, the K-Station is the keyboard (2 octaves) version of the A-Station VA module.

The sounds are - in short - stellar. Pure (virtual) analog heaven, with deep basses that shake, rattle and roll, creamy strings and pads, ear-splitting leads, great special effects etc. Novation calls it "their famous Liquid Sound".

This synthesizer is obviously a great choice for Trance, but is also perfect for many other Electronica genres.

The immediacy and ease of use of this little big synth make it stand a proud David against the Goliaths of the Virtual Analog world, such as the Access Virus, Waldorf Q, and Novation's own SuperNova II.

The good-quality effects, knobs and sliders, syncable arpeggiator and ultimate portability make this an excellent choice for live performers - just add a laptop with audio and midi devices, a sequencer, and you're ready for a rave."

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