Thursday, August 30, 2012

Studio Electronics SE-1X Analog Synthesizer

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E-MU XTREME LEAD-1 XL-1 Expanded

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"E-mu Xtreme Lead-1 XL-1 64 Voice BPM Synthesizer / Sound Module 1U Expanded rack unit in full working order and excellent condition complete with Manual.

Few light surface scratches to outer casing.

Includes 32mb Proteus 2000 Expansion Sound Rom – Protozoa

The Xtreme Lead-1 is E-mu's coolest lead synth and BPM synthesizer. Based off of the Audity 2000, the Xtreme Lead has the 32 MB "X-Lead" soundset ROM, 64-voice polyphony, 16 simultaneously available programmable arpeggiators, 12-pole digital filters, 24-bit dual effects, a memory expansion slot and a Turbo upgrade that can extend its features two-fold!

The XL-1 introduces E-mu's new SuperBEATS Mode, which allows you to effortlessly trigger, latch and unlatch synced loops and grooves from separate keys on your keyboard over 16 independent rhythm tracks. Great for live use by DJs and artists alike! Sounds of the Xtreme Lead-1 include techno basses, buzzed out synth leads, pads, dance drumkits, vocal stabs, hits, analog synths, DJ scratches, etc. The twelve assignable real-time front panel controls provide fast hands-on access.


Polyphony - 64 voices (expandable to 128 with Turbo upgrade)

Oscillators - 32MB Sound ROM

Arpeg/Seq - Rhythmic Pattern Generator/Arpeggiator: 16 arpeggiators (1 per MIDI channel); SuperBEATS Mode

Filter - 12-Pole Digital Filters

Effects - 24-bit dual stereo-effects processor

Memory - 512 ROM & 512 User Presets; 1 additional internal ROM expansion slot (expandable to 3 with Turbo upgrade) for Proteus libraries or create your own custom ROMs using E-mu's E4 Ultra samplers

Control - MIDI (16-parts, expandable to 32 with Turbo Upgrade)

E-mu sound modules ship with one 32 MB sound-set each, but are expandable up to 128 MB via three additional slots for 32 MB expansion cards. Note: 1 already used with Protozoa."

AKAI VX-90 Midi Programmable Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

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Red Yamaha SHS-10 MIDI Keytar

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 MIDI 3.3 SN 5377

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Quasimidi Sirius

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KORG MiniKORG Mini 700 Analog Synthesizer c.1973

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"The MiniKORG 700 (circa 1973/4) was Korg's first commercially available analog monosynth.

The unit functions as it should and is in good condition for it's age. There are no crackly pots or sliders, each one has been treated with Caig Labs DeoxIT Fader F5. There are two slider caps and some screws missing from the unit and a few of the keys are worn. There are some cosmetic marks. This of course does not affect the functionality of the synth. In the auction photograph you will see that the Mini 700 is powered up."

ROLAND SH-101 Analog Synthesizer + MGS-1 Mod Grip + Strap

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Korg Prophecy monophonic synthesizer

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Waldorf microQ

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Access Virus C

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via the listing: "Famously used by King Tubby and highly coveted by the dub fraternity. Got this in a trade recently but don't really need it. I've tested it and everything seems to work ok - 2 oscillators (Osc 2 can be switched to LFO), noise source, 24db filter with resonance (can self oscillate and be used as a third oscillator) and 2 decay envelopes (one for filter and one for VCA) So quite a good spec and can make a lot of different noises. It also has a modification for an external trigger input on 1/8" jack.

It sounds a little distorted to me, so may need a little tlc, though it might just be the batteries I used (it takes 2 x 9v PP3, the only ones I have are old and a bit flat)"

Roland SH1000 Vintage Synthesizer

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