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Thursday, August 30, 2012


via this auction

via the listing: "Famously used by King Tubby and highly coveted by the dub fraternity. Got this in a trade recently but don't really need it. I've tested it and everything seems to work ok - 2 oscillators (Osc 2 can be switched to LFO), noise source, 24db filter with resonance (can self oscillate and be used as a third oscillator) and 2 decay envelopes (one for filter and one for VCA) So quite a good spec and can make a lot of different noises. It also has a modification for an external trigger input on 1/8" jack.

It sounds a little distorted to me, so may need a little tlc, though it might just be the batteries I used (it takes 2 x 9v PP3, the only ones I have are old and a bit flat)"

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