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"VariOS is an open-ended hardware/software system that allows musicians to build audio-based tracks with the same flexibility as MIDI. All processing is handled by the VariOS module, which is controlled using bundled software. The first software bundle is V-Producer for VariOS. This software lets musicians manipulate a sample's pitch, time and formant, add effects and even build complete arrangements while keeping the music flowing and without CPU drain. And since the VariOS module can be updated, the system can take on entirely new functions in the future.

Open-ended realtime audio construction system consisting of VariOS module and new V-Producer for VariOS software
- Play back up to 14 phrases simultaneously with 6-part multitimbral operation
- Award-winning VariPhrase technology for intuitive realtime manipulation of pitch, time and formant-control audio phrases like MIDI!
- Batch load/auto-encode .WAV/AIFF audio files from computer via USB and browser
- Internal memory holds up to 300 seconds of mono samples (150 seconds in stereo)
- Easy drag-and-drop sample arrangement-build a complete song in minutes!
- PhraseScope window provides free-form editing of a phrase's melody content
- GrooveScope window allows non-destructive reconstruction of rhythm loops
- Graphic editing of VariOS module's 40 multi-effects, 8 chorus types and 9 reverbs
- V-Producer for VariOS supports MIDI clock/MTC sync and audio/SMF export
- Flash memory and PC Card sample storage for using VariOS module without computer
- Future-ready with Open System Architecture, supporting V-Producer, various vintage synthesizer emulations, and whatever the future holds"

Roland Dimention-D SDD-320 SN 603971

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"Perfect Working - Professionally Serviced

Roland's SDD-320 Dimension D stereo chorus rack was an instant studio legend upon its arrival in 1979. A subtle spatial enhancer, the Dimension was the go-to sweetener for vocals and piano in the early 1980s, used extensively by Brian Eno (who else), the Talking Heads, Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, etc. In many ways the 320 is a predecessor to Empirical Labs' Distressor, which is increasingly ubiquitous and likewise revered as an "AWESOME" switch for its elegant compression and gain routines."

Roland Juno-60 SN 220291

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"Fully Functional - Professionally Serviced"

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ARP Odyssey II model 2813 Synthesizer

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Casio DG-20 Digital Synthesizer Midi Controller with Original Box

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Access Virus KB Analog-Modeling Synthesizer

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Roland Fantom XR SN ZU59467

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Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1 UW+ MK I Percussion Synthesizer

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"he Machinedrum is a MK I unit with both Userwave (UW) sampling engine AND the unit also includes the highly sought after +Drive. The +Drive was installed after the purchase of the Machinedrum hence the nameplate does not have the + next to the UW. If you look at the pictures of the screen you can see the +Drive functionality is selectable.

In addition to the plus Drive and the 16 banks of ROM samples it provides, I've also uploaded tons of CUSTOM KITS and drums to the Machinedrum, just as nice of an extra as the +Drive is. Sounds, patterns, kits, and songs can be transferred via MIDI from a computer very easily! RAM sampling is just as easy to do, allowing you to sample in any audio you want."

Quasimidi Sirius with Custom Wood Side Panels

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