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ARP Odyssey 2813 Synthesizer

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Arturia Origin Virtual Analog Desktop Synthesizer

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Snazzy FX Ardcore

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"The ARDCORE-whatever you need your modular to be TODAY.

Have you ever been in the middle of a patch and thought, “I sure wish I had a _____ in my modular”. Or how about, “I sure wish I had another ______.

Allowing for unique rhythms through the use of the gate output, a typical setup might see the Dreamboat involved in a few feedback loops while controlling an ADSR and a VCA with its gate output. When used with TIP-TOP's special dual cables, hearing AND viewing the Dreamboat at the same time is a snap.

Well start filling in the blanks with the Snazzy FX ARDCORE. Built around an Arduino compatible chipset with all the controls you need for a Eurorack Module, the ARDCORE can fill almost any role you need it to.

With its built in USB port, CV ins, Gate outs, DAC outs and CLOCK in, you have everything you need to begin experimenting with programming, or simply browsing the library of over 55 included programs, each of which turns the ARDCORE into a completely different module!

For programmers AND non-programmers alike:

All the code is freely available.

With an open source software foundation, you can be guaranteed that other people in the community will be contributing their own programs as well. And since it can be programmed from within the FREE Arduino IDE program, (OSX, LINUX, OR PC) its compatible with whatever computer you have.

And for people who have never programmed but think they might like to try, ARDCORE gives you a whole lot of material to mess around with. You can change a value or delete some lines, save it as a new program and Upload it to the ARDCORE in no time at all. Who knows, maybe you’ll even teach yourself how to write an amazing new module.

Many of the sketches include clear commenting as well as reusable functions, so in many cases all you have to do to write a new sketch is copy a few functions, add a few values and debug a little bit.Each program uses the same familiar hardware. So no matter what you are working on, you always have the same knobs and jacks being used in the code.This makes it easy to USE the programs too. And if you decide you need the pitch control to be on the top left knob instead of the bottom right, all you have to do is open up the program and change two values.



The current list of programs is pretty amazing. It is a bit hard to believe sometimes that the little AVR chip can do so much.

While designed with CV in mind, the ARDCORE does have some audio abilities. Included in the library is a delay FX program, a bit-crusher, a few waveshapers, a distortion or two, and a ring modulator. There is also a white noise generator, a Square-Wave VCO, an FM oscillator, a bunch of glitchy/noisy programs, and a really amazing Drum Sample player complete with a program for uploading the samples.

On the CV side of things, the list is enormous, with quantizers, pattern generators, sequencers, CV recorders, scale generators, drunken walks, clock dividers, a really nice arpeggiator, a triple output LFO, a waveshaped LFO, random gates, glissando, a shift register, and more. And since the Ardcore is open source, more programs will be coming. Or you can write your own!"

Roland Super Jupiter MKS-80

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Make Noise Phonogene - Looper

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"The Phonogene is a digital re-visioning and elaboration of the tape recorder as musical instrument, similar to a homonymous instrument by Pierre Schaeffer. although it´s not an emulation of this instrument it bases on the main ideas. It is informed by the worlds of Musique Concrète (where speed and direction variation were combined with creative tape splicing to pioneer new sounds) and Microsound (where computers allow for sound to be divided into pieces smaller then 1/10 of a second, and manipulated like sub-atomic particles).

The Phonogene is comprised of a pair of tool-sets which work well together. Tape Music Tools allow for sounds to be recorded on the fly, layered using the internal Sound On Sound function, manually cut into pieces using the SPLICE function, and re-organized with the ORGANIZE control. Once it is Spliced up, it is possible to create nearly infinite variations of the original loop by modulating the ORGANIZE parameter, and VARI-SPEED allows for the speed and direction of playback to be controlled continuously with one control signal. GENE-SIZE, GENE-SHIFT and SLIDE make up the Microsound Tools. GENE-SIZE divides the audio buffer into progressively smaller pieces called Genes (aka particles, grains, granules). A clock signal applied to GENE-SHIFT will step through those pieces in chronological order, while a control signal (such as the Wogglebug Smooth CV) applied to SLIDE, moves through those pieces in a nonlinear fashion. Using SLIDE, random access of the audio buffer is possible. Obviously, functions such as VARI-SPEED and ORGANIZE are useful for Microsound as well, which is why these functions were grouped into one module. The end result is a sampler/ looper/ audio buffer that is able to exist within a modular synthesizer system, and offer a vast amount of real-time sound manipulation in a fast and tactile way.

There is often the expectation that “bad sounds” such as clicks, pops, distortions, wrong notes, phase in-accuracies and otherwise, should be impossible with modern musical instruments. Many designers are making instruments which are fool-proof, and which guarantee some specific musical result, thus making it easy to create the same music, over and over again. The Phonogene does NOT use this approach. In fact, we have made it very possible to make the “bad sounds” and “mistakes” that have led to some of the greatest moments in musical history (and of course, some of the worst!). With the Phonogene, it is possible to Splice sounds in such a way that you will hear sharp contrasts, clicks and pops. This is the physics of sound! It is possible to slow down a recording to point of complete decimation, so that all that remains is trail of digital artifacts. Such are the limitations of digital sound (at the moment). It is possible to render the source material completely unintelligible, to cut busted loops, to distort digitally, to obscure, to regenerate to the point of almost no signal integrity. This is the nature of the Phonogene. If you seek the perfect looping tool, in the most contemporary sense of the word, then please look elsewhere. If you desire to explore the realm of modular, digital sample manipulation and microsound, welcome!

3U Eurorack module, 20HP wide, 43mm deep. Current draw 70mA"

Livewire Vulcan Modulator LFO

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"The Vulcan Modulator is a flexible generator of control voltages. It comprises of two voltage controlled LFOs which can modulate each other. Four further devices compare the LFO´s signals and can output a CV on their own. A perfect modulation source for all of you who are bored by normal LFOs.
Two identical VC-LFOs which have following waveforms: sine, trangle and pulse. The symmetry controls alter the waveform shape or the pulse width. If no cable is inserted into the CV input, the first LFO modulates the speed of the second one and vice versa (cross modulation). An attenuator adjusts the intensity of internal or external modulation.
Additionally the LFO´s signals pass a minimum / maximum detector, a mixer and an inverter. Their signals go to four separate outputs and can output the momentary lowest or highest voltage, the sum and the difference. Jumpers on the back of the module let you decide in how which waveform of which LFO is compared... Got it? Let´s say sine 1 and triangle 2 go to the minimum out, pulse 1 and triangle 2 go to the summing out and so on. This results in up to thirty different waveforms!

3U Eurorack module, 14 HP wide, 50mm deep
power consumption: 70mA"

Livewire Audio Frequency Generator

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"The Audio Frequency Generator (AFG) is probably the most comprehensive VCO for the 3U modular system in Eurorack form factor. It is a massive and great VCO with partly totally new features like the complex "harmonic animation" section. It provides an enormous variety of waveforms and timbres and allows extensive modulations with knobs and CVs. The AFG even has its own sub-oscillator and also does linear FM. The Livewire Audio Frequency Generator is designed with expandability in mind and there will be modules which are intended to further expand upon the AFG’s sound shaping capabilities.

3U Eurorack module, 28HP wide, 56mm deep
current draw: 120 mA, weight: 490g"


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