Thursday, May 03, 2012

Novation UltraNova Synthesizer

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Roland JP-8080 Analog Modeling Synthesizer Module

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Access Virus Classic Synthesizer

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Casio VZ-10M Digital Synthesizer

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"The VZ-10m is a sixteen voice, multitimbral digital synthesizer rack (2U) with velocity/aftertouch. It sounds similar to Yamaha FM based synths, but offers 8 oscillators per voice (with many routing options), 8 waveforms and 8 stage envelopes per oscillator. Patch memory contains 64 user locations and supports RAM/ROM cards. Performance features include LFO and portamento.

Key Features

1. Aftertouch: Modifies pitch, LFO (depth and rate), amplitude EG levels and portamento rate or time

2. Architecture Class: phase

3. Audio IO: Headphones 2 mono, 1 mix phone and XLR mix outputs

4. Audio Source: Waveforms available for each oscillator are sine, 5x saw, white or pink noise.

5. Communication Interface: MIDI In, Out, Thru

6. Effects: None

7. EG: Dedicated, 8 stage EG's (with polarity) modify each oscillator's pitch and amplitude

8. Expansion: Patch card

9. Filter: N/A

10. Form Factor: 2U rack

11. Key Scaling: Modifies portamento time, EG levels and rates (6 points)

12. LFO: Both the vibrato LFO and tremelo LFO waveforms include up saw, down saw, square and triangle

13. Memory: None

14. Multitimbral: 4

15. Pedal Inputs: None

16. Performance Control: Portamento
17. Polyphony: 16 or 4

18. Power: AC (IEC C13 to NEMA 5-15P)

19. Released: 1988 1988

20. Sequencer: No

21. Signal Class: digital

22. Velocity: Switches patches and modify EG levels and rates (8 curves)"

ROLAND TB-303 Bass Line, Computer Controlled Synthesizer

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Roland SH101 Analog Synthesizer

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Sequential Circuits TOM 80s elektro drum machine

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Pic of the power supply below.

Roland S-760 Digital Rackmount Sampler

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Rheem Kee Bass (vintage organ synth)

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Elektron Sid Station C64 Midi Synth

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"It uses the C64 MOS 6581 chip for killer wavetabled 8 bit sounds. This machine is a classic and a rarity due to the scarcity of the chips."