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Yamaha SY85 Synthesizer SN IN01737

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EDP Wasp Analogue Synthesizer

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"The EDP Wasp is a two-oscillator analogue synth which was designed by Chris Hugget (the same man who was responsible for the OSCar). It's a completely unique sounding synth with tons of character. From deep, throbbing basses to screaming modulated leads, the Wasp sounds amazing. I personally think it has one of most dynamic filters out of all the analogue synths i own. It breathes, it bites, it spits....

The Wasp is undoubtedly unusual in terms of it's design. It's housed inside a moulded two piece plastic case and played via the touch sensitive keyboard. These cases were notorious for cracking and splitting at the front, on the corners, and around the screw holes - i am pleased to say this is one of the (very) few which hasn't suffered in this respect. Likewise, the keyboard responds as it dead contacts etc. All pots work 100% - a couple are a touch scratchy but those inclined to buy some spray cleaner should sort that easy.

It's a truly great synth in all respects. Sounds remarkably contemporary for being almost 40 years old !"

Korg Monotribe Analogue Synth/Sequencer with MIDI MOD

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via the seller: "I bought a MIDI Modification kit from Altitude909 in America and fitted it myself. This works perfectly, allowing the Monotribe to be played from any MIDI sequencer or keyboard and be synchronized with a MIDI Clock. Adding the MIDI functionality greatly increases the flexibility of this already great little synth. To fit the kit I had to open up the Monotribe and drill two holes in the case, this all went smoothly but obviously invalidates the Korg waranty. The sockets on the side of the synth are small trs type sockets which make for a neater finish than bigger midi sockets, so of course I am including the two trs-midi cables that came with the kit.

Apart from the two extra sockets on the side the Monotribe looks like a new one. As you can see in the photos I didn't quite get the two sockets exactly level and there are some slight pencil marks next to them remaining from where I measured it up."

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver Keyboard

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"This is an incredibly flexible sounding machine with 2 Analogue and 2 Digital oscillators which allow you to really crunch up those lead sounds and reach unheard of depths at the bass end. It also has a great 16 step sequencer which allows you to design some beautiful arpeggio's and ultra complex sounds. Much like it's rival the Moog Phatty, it has it's own unique sounding character, which makes it a great synth for mixing through all the other tracks in your song."

Classic Retro Roland HS-60 SN 540543

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Novation Ultranova Virtual Analogue Synthesizer

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Vermona DRM1 MKIII Analog Drum Synthesizer

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ENSONIQ VFX synth vith VPC-100 sound cartrige

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Korg DW-8000 Programmable Digital Waveform Synthesizer

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Sequential Circuits Pro-One SN 100-0313

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Korg TR Rack synthesizer SN 003384

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Novation X Station 49 controller/synthesizer SN XST49008145

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Roland TR808 Drum Machine

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Roland TR-606 Drumatix

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"The Roland TR606 rhythm machine is the brother of the famous TB-303 Bassline. Both are classic analog techno machines that sound great. The TR-606 user interface and sound are somewhat similar to the legendary TR-808, but I happen to think the 606 is a lot punchier sounding. It's great for studio work, live gigs or just messing around. Since it's so small and runs off batteries, it's extremely portable too. Its pattern sequencer is extremely easy to use and a great tool for composing funky rhythms. It is an ideal tool for makers of techno, house, acid, industrial, synthpop and other electronic music but would also sound great in alternative rock, pop or other music.


Unique ANALOG drum sounds, with individual knobs for levels!
bass drum
low tom
hi tom
open high hat
closed high hat
accent (global)

32 Pattern memory: Write Mode
use sound selector and tap button to enter patterns in realtime or, enter in step mode: 16 buttons (each with their own LED) correspond to 16 note positions. Making patterns this way is tons of fun cause the lights flash from left to right and always show you your current position. scale and time signature selection

32 Pattern memory: Play Mode: select patterns in realtime mode, perfect for realtime song arranging / techno sets.

Track Mode: Write: arrange many patterns into songs.
Track Mode: Play: select the song you want to play back.
Main Volume
Pattern Clear
Pattern Group I and II
Write/Next, Tap Step Reset
6 volume controls for indiv instruments
Run/Stop Jack for pedal
DIN sync to synchronize to other old Rolands: TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, TB-303, MC-202, etc
Sync In or out switch
2 trigger outs to trigger external synths, sequencers, envelope generators (SH-101, Pro-One, modular synth, analog sequencer arpeggiator, etc)
headphone out
main out"

Roland JD-990 with Vintage Synth card

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"Roland JD-990 WITH the Vintage Synth expansion card installed. This is the most significant card since it is the only Roland SR-JV80 card with a dedicated set of JD-990 patches. It'll also load the JV-80/880 version of the patches off the card."

Roland Juno 1 Synthesizer

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Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

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Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer

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