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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Roland GR-100 Electronic Guitar Synth Effects

via this auction

"Features and Specifications of the GR-100:
Complex hexaphonic distortion circuit
Additional sustain overdrive (mode 3)
6 individual -12 dB low-pass Voltage Controlled Filters, one per string
Frequency peak and sensitivity controls for VCFs
Built-in footswitch controls the VCF mode (on, bypass, or inverted)
Low Frequency Oscillator with rate control, for vibrato effects
Lush analog bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato
Pedal control input for the VCF
3 outputs: guitar, mix/e.q. and chorus
Synchronized, flashing LED status indicators
Dimensions: 11.75" (W) 9.8" (D) 3.75" (H)"

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