Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Analogue Systems rs60 VC ADSR Envelope

via this auction

"The RS60 Envelope Generator is a flexible EG that generates a four-stage ADSR voltage envelope that varies from 0V to +10V. The envelope can be attenuated and inverted if desired.

At their minimum values the A, D and R stages offer very rapid responses of better than 0.5mS, thus making the Integrator much 'snappier' than other analogue synths that often offer minimum attack times as slow as 5mS - 10mS. The S stage allows you to apply gains ranging from -×dB to 0dB (unity gain) to the steady-state level.

The RS60 offers a CV input that extends or shortens the Decay and Release times for sustained effects. There are also two switches that allow you to trigger the envelope manually, prevent it from re-triggering, auto-repeat once it has completed its profile, and so on. Modulating the envelope and using combinations of the retrigger switches allows you to generate complex envelope and low-frequency oscillations..."

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