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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lexicon PCM 70 Digital Reverb

via this auction

"It's a truly fabulous piece of vintage hardware with a very versatile sonic palette, and with a fabulous midi specification to boot. Every paramater is controllable via midi and it contains what must be my favourite feature of any hardware reverb, the famous "Resonator" presets so lovingly copied by Ableton Live. What this does is tunes the internal delay lines to a keyboard pitch, so you can set up chords and similar tones when the reverb is fed a signal (think the famous "Berlin" preset on Live's Resonator for those of you in the know.) The PCM70 however comes with even more flexibility because these resonators can be PLAYED realtime via midi, leading to some truly wild tones and algorithmic compostion possiblites. Nedless to say, this is an extremely powerful and sonically rich machine.

Above and beyond the special effects it has truly long, rich and wonderful reverb halls, rooms and plates, as well as 6 independent stereo delay lines that can be configured endlessly."

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