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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Korg MicroX Multitimbral Polyphonic Synth & DAW Controller

via this auction

"Amazing synth from Korg, compact size but huge sound and a massive palette of styles, from traditional acoustic to deep electronic and all really well done and very useable. But not only is it a synth on its own but is already mapped as a controller for several popular DAW workstations and softsynths like Reason, Garageband, Cubase and Korg's own Legacy soft synth collection. Uses the same synthesis technology as the Triton, so you know it sounds powerful even though it may look like a toy (which it most certainly is not). The soundset is enhanced from the X50. 640 single patches, 384 combinations and 40 drum kits (which you can assemble yourself), plus a full GM sound set. 89 different effects algorithms, with the ability to use up to four at once — one as an insert effect, two as master effects, and a master three-band EQ. Fully programmable and different functions can be assigned to the knobs for different sounds. Two individual outputs along with the stereo outs, two separately programmable polyphonic arpeggiators and even the ability to program your own microtuned scales. And it can do a lot more, way too much to write here."

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