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Monday, September 03, 2012

Novation Bass Station Rack

via this auction
click the pics for the larger shots.
"It has two oscillators, a VCF, 2 envelopes, a VCA, audio in; it is a very complete analog synthesizer. It also includes CV/Gate in and CV/Gate out. This allows you to do multiple things; you can control the novation with an old analog (say, a Roland SH-2 or something). Since the Novation also has Audio IN, you can route the Roland's VCA into your Novation's and turn it into a monstrous 4 OSC analog synth! This functionality also allows the BassStation to work as a MIDI-to-CV converter, so you can use say your computer, midi sequencer, or more to play any old CV/gate analog synths you have laying around (this functionality can still exist even when you're using the BassStation normally). The great thing about the CV/Gate in is that it sends this data over MIDI as well so you can finally record your playing on an analog synth in MIDI format (CV-to-MIDI is fairly uncommon)."

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