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Monday, August 27, 2012

Synare Analog S-3X Electronic Drum Synthesizer w/Manual

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"1970's Star Instruments Inc. "SYNARE S-3x" Portable Drum Synthesizer. The STAR instrument company was founded in 1976, and this S-3x drum pad came out in 1979.

This drum pad is in very good condition, it has some minor surface wear on the rubber playing surface, but the pad is not rotted or torn in any way. The synth controls all work perfectly, and this pad sounds amazing! I've owned and used several of these SYNARE drums, and I know what to look for! The metal outer casing is really clean, and it has no nicks or scratches.

The bottom was factory drilled to accept a standard Ludwig "Classic" tom mount, but the Ludwig bracket is not included.

The electronics inside this synth, are perfectly preserved, and there are no signs of foul play. This pad is powered by external AC to DC power converter. The power converter is not included with this auction..

A complete zeroxed SYNARE S-3 Owner's Manual is included, it has been carefully inserted into a presentation binder, along with a Modern Drummer article that was printed in August of 1980. The Modern Drummer article is about four pages long, and it describes the origin, and manufacturing of the SYNARE electronic drums.

The zerox fotocopy of the original owner's manual is extremely well written, and it even has some sample settings that you can copy onto this drum pad, so that you can fire up this synth the minute that you recieve it. The manual is for the S-3 Drum pad, the only difference between the S-3 model, and the S-3X version, is that my pad can be programmed to remember your settings."

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