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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Novation BassStation Rack Synthesizer

via this auction
"This is an essential unit for the techno musician or anybody interested in analog synthises. The real time control over the filter cutoff, resonance, filter env mod, filter attack, decay, sus and release, as well as the VCA envelope make this module virtually unbeatable. control an old beast through the CV gate ins and outs via midi, and put an external source through the filters! 303 emulation is interesting, but doesn't snarl on the lowest notes. I bet you could get it to though by layering a short square wave onto the top of a sawtooth - better yet, just make a new and interesting one of your own! Mind shattering results to be sure..

A true programmable monosynth for the '90s, without the reliability and durability problems that plague the analogue equivalents of yesteryear. As with the BassStation keyboard, tremendous fun and an unqualified bargain, with built-in MIDI/CV convertor to boot."

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