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Saturday, August 04, 2012

Korg MS20 Vintage Analog Semi Modular Synthesizer SN 146622

via this auction

"The MS20 is a highly revered analog synth produced by Korg in the 70's, considered one of the best and most flexible synths ever produced. It has 2 oscillators and 2 filters for a fat sound, is easy to use but also as complex a sound generation tool as you want due to its, envelopes, LFO, ring mod, sample and hold, pitch and envelope follower and semi-modular architecture. They can be used much the same as a normal hardwired synth but have the added flexibility of the patchbay. The patchbay allows the user to reroute most of the synths internal in the fashion of a modular synth. The MS20 can also be cross patched with other MS series synths and other modular and non modular synths. MS20's are great for recording or live use due to their oodles of knobs and good cv implementation."

"This particular example, serial number 146622, is in excellent fully working condition and good aesthetic condition. It has some small scratches and chips that are to be expected in a synth of this age but has been well looked after in a non smoking studio. It is a 100v model and comes with a small wall adaptor to plug into UK 240v sockets."

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