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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Original Korg Micro Preset Synthesizer Overlay Templates

via this auction

"Up for grabs are 14 X KORG MICRO-PRESET SYNTHESIZER sound preset templates. YES 14!!! individual templates... These are the ORIGINAL Korg paper templates that fit over the knobs/sliders on the micro-preset synth, and let you select the appropriate knobs and sliders to imitate the said sounds on each of the 14 templates. The presets range from "Xylophone, Comic Voice, Electric Bass, Morse Code, Bagpipe, Mandolin, Wave & Flute, Banjo, Steam Locomotive, Brass, String, Standard settings for preset notes, BLANK TEMPLATE, and even an old preset i made in the 80s for OMDs Enola Gay (This synth was heavily used by them) The pic shows just one of them... each of the 14 templates shows suggestions for varying the effect of each sound."

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