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Friday, July 06, 2012

Doepfer Modular System Synth Analog w/ Sequencer & Sampler modules

via this auction
"Doepfer modules:
a-100lc6 case
a-110 (Standard VCO)
a-131 (VCA)
a-102 (Diode Low Pass Filter)
a-112 (VC Sampler / Wavetable OSC)
a-180 (Multiples)
a-115 (Audio Divider)
a-138a (Mixer lin)
a-138b (Mixer exp)
a-145 (LFO)
a-140 (ADSR envelope gen)
a-160 (Clock Div)
a-161 (Clock Sequencer)
a-190-2 (Midi CV/G Interface)

Analogue Solutions modules:
AS SY03 - LPF (filter and VCA)
AS LFO - NZ (faulty module, could not get to work)"

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