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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Access Virus Kb Keyboard Synth

via eBay UK

"Access Virus Kb synth with OS 4.8 in excellent condition. Comes with manual, power lead, dust cover and a disk of many Virus Sysex sound banks.

5 Octave velocity and aftertouch sensitive keyboard, which has a very nice solid feel and works great as a master keyboard. Loads of knobs and push buttons, to enable easy editing of sounds. 24 voices of polyphony and 3 sets of stereo outs.
Oscillators - 3 Osc per voice plus 1 Sub-Osc: Sawtooth, variable pulse, sine, triangle, oscillator sync. 5 FM Modes: 64 digital FM spectral waveforms.
LFO - 3 LFOs with 68 waveforms
Filter - 2 independent resonant filters; lowpass, hipass, bandpass, band reject, parallel, split & 2 serial modes with up to 36dB/voice (6-poles), overdrive/saturation.
VCA - 2 ADSTR envelopes
ModMatrix - 3 Sources, 6 Destinations
Effects - 82 simultaneous effects : 16 Phasers, 16 Choruses, 16 Distortions, 16 Ring Modulators, Delay, 32-Band Vocoder.
Keyboard - Virus KB: 61 Keys with note-on/off velocity, pitch bend, modwheel and two switches/control pedals and aftertouch.
Memory - 1024 programs (256 User / 768 ROM / 128 Multi)
Control - MIDI (16 multitimbral parts)"

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