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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yamaha QY300 Music Sequencer Programmer

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"Professional Sequencer
A large 53,000- note memory with S-RAM back up for maximum of ten user songs. 16 sequencing tracks and 8 pattern tracks. Chord track and a tempo track. The QY300 allows you to quantize, clock shift and create customized swing, gate and velocity values in real time. Editing features include copy and paste jobs for specified phrase and passage between a sequencer track and phrases as well as between songs.

Innovative Data Base
3093-phrase data-base enables you to select just the right musical passage. This large data-base includes drum, percussion, bass, guitar and keyboard phrases you use to create your own accompaniment. Create, edit and store 100 personalized phrases. The floppy disk supplied patterns consist of 100 programmed style variations from Rave to Rock, Rumba to Reggae and much more.

Innovative Data Base cont.
Each style offers eight options including Intro., Normal, Variation, four Fills, and Ending phrases for custom accompaniment production. You can make a maximum of 100 personalized styles, with eight sections each. These original styles can be stored on a floppy disk for future use.

Harmonious Music
Twenty-seven chord types from major to minor and diminished to augmented and more are available. The QY300 can re-harmonize phrases and patterns according to any chords you select in the pattern track.
Easy Access Interface

Easy access interface and large LCD graphic display allow accurate procedures to be done quickly and easily. Menu buttons, Data and Shuttle dials, cursor buttons and numeric computer style keys are included for fast location, selection and edit procedures.

Tone Generator
Top quality GM compatible 128 voice AWM tone generator with 8 drum kits plus an integrated effects processor based on Yamaha's proven DSP technology. The built-in mini-keyboard to produce up to 28-note polyphony with Dynamic Voice Allocation.

Data Storage and Compatibility
Equipped with a 2DD 3.5" floppy disk drive so that you can store, retrieve and organize large amounts of musical data. It loads and saves in Standard MIDI File and ESEQ formats including Yamaha's Clavinova."

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