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Sunday, June 24, 2012

MFB OSC-01 triple DCO

via this auction

"MFB OSC-01 triple DCO analogue synthesizer module. Compatible with Doepfer and other similar systems. This extremely powerful module features three stable digitally-controlled analogue oscillators, each with switchable octave, saw/square/pulse waveform and tuning. Inputs include control voltage for each oscillator, Sync In for Osc 1+2, and Osc 1/2 Pulse Width. There's also a Ring Modulator output. Much more stable than the basic Doepfer oscillators, this unit will boost the power and flexibility of your modular synthesizer system without taking up too much space. Used, but in good working order. Supplied with Doepfer-compatible cable but without mounting screws. This module is now out of production so this may be your only chance to get one! It's much sought-after, used and recommended by Velvet Acid Christ - check out the demos on his website."

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