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Friday, June 08, 2012

JSH - Pro Rhythm Drum Synth

via this auction

"This unit is battery powered.
Parameters from Left to Right

- VCO 1 Freq.
- VCO 1 Square/Noise/Ring selection switch

- VCF Freq.
- VCF LP/BP/HP selection switch
- VCF Reso

- VCO 2 Freq.
- VCO 2 LFO/OFF/Squiggle (hf modulation) selection switch
- VCO 2 Modulation Amount to VCO1 or VCF

- Sweep VCO 1/2 Selection Switch
- Sweep VCO Direction/Amount
- Sweep VCF Direction/Amount
- Sweep Decay

- VCA Decay
- VCA Volume"

YouTube Uploaded by virtuaswindon on Mar 7, 2010

"JHS Pro Rhythm Drum Synth Analogue Drum Pad, as used on countless 1970s disco tracks, DUB reggae beats etc."

Note this video is from 2010 and not the one in the auction.

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