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Monday, June 18, 2012

EMU E Synth Ultra 32 Channel Synthesiser

via this auction
"Not Just a great sound module, chock full of sounds and high quality multi-sample instruments, but also a highly featured synth and a stereo sampler. It has 8 balanced audio outputs arranged into 4 stereo pairs that can be split and a 24-bit stereo FX processor with 4 sub mixes per effect. I upgraded this one so it has 32 Channels of Midi (2 x 16 channels). It is 64-voice polyphonic and 32-part multitimbral. A real workhorse which can help to relieve the load on your computer if you are using only soft syths.

You can also import AKAI and Roland sounds, if have old libraries plus I will supply it with six CD ROMs of Classic Emulator multi-sample Instruments Including Orchestral, World Instruments, World Percussion/Ensembles, Sound FX and Vintage Electric Pianos, Organs & Synths. (You will need a SCSI CD Drive to load these)

If you just need a huge range of great ready-programmed instruments then just hook it up and play. However if you are into programming then the E-Synth uses E-mu's Digital Modular Synthesis (DMS) technology, which provides 64-voice polyphony, 64 digital 6 pole filters (over 20 different types: low, band, high pass, notch, EQ, vocal, flange, phaser, and multi), 32-voice layering, 128-voice velocity switching, easy-to-use patch-cord architecture. Using the sampler, you can capture sounds in stereo, use them in conjunction with the on-board sounds, and re-sample the results to make sounds that are uniquely yours with the aid of a full set of editing and DSP tools."

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