Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver

via this auction

"Monstrous four oscillator voice architecture: two analog and two digital.
True stereo signal path with separate Curtis analog low-pass filters in each channel.
Dedicated onboard effects (feedback, delay, distortion, high-pass filter, etc.).
Highly accessible sound control for easy, intuitive operation: 58 knobs--43 of them potentiometers--and 33 switches.
16 x 4 step sequencer really brings the Evolver to life with evolving "pseudo-polyphonic" sounds -- you won't believe it's monophonic!
Stereo audio input for audio processing of external stereo or mono signals, enabling the synth to act as a unique stereo effects processor.
Everything (sequencer, LFOs, and delay) syncs perfectly to MIDI.
Multiple Evolvers can be daisy-chained for increased polyphony."

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