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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Casio SK-1 with Original Box

via this auction

"Casio's SK-1 introduced digital sampling to more individuals than any other sampler to date. The SK-1 began to appear on store shelves in 1986. For its time, at its price and with its functions, there was nothing else like it. Main features of this 32-note mid-size keyboard include:

4-note polyphony, available live and also in memory for digital record/playback functions of two types: 1) real-time 4-note polyphony, and 2) 3-channel multi-track memory coupled with a "one key play" system allowing notes in memory to be manually sequenced for editing purposes;

5 PCM voices, 1 user-sampled voice, 3 harmonic synthesis voices and one user-adjustable harmonic synthesis voice (this nice feature provides a tone in which most of the first 16 harmonics are present and can be adjusted in strength, with up to 14 levels of accentuation for each);*

Thirteen different preset ADSR envelopes which can be applied to any voice in use;*

Preset portamento and vibrato effects;

8 bit PCM sampling at 9.38 kHz (sample time is approximately 1.4 seconds);

Built-in condenser microphone for inputting samples, as well as two input jacks — line and external microphone;


Master tuning;

11 auto rhythms with chord accompaniment;"

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