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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alesis AirSynth SN CG1906231

via this auction

"AirSynth is a motion sensitive sound device designed for the table top. Passing the hand (or anything else) over the invisible 3D sphere above the product the user activates the infared control of the unit tweaking up to 5 parameters , resulting in 'dramatic synthesized sound'.

AirSynth's sound-set includes 50 staccato, percussive, legato continuous pads, drum sounds and sounds that emulate things in nature. Operating the AirSynth involves pressing the knob to engage the effect and then moving a hand through the invisible infrared sphere to create sounds.

Some of my favorite air effects include:

Android Choir
LFO Abuse
Water Drum
Vega Transmission
Digital Processing...
Soul Craft
Oberon Swell"

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