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Friday, May 04, 2012

Waldorf Pulse

via this auction

via the listing: "Right, where do I start with this versatile little analogue monosynth. We have three Oscillators, pulse, saw or triangle and additionally a noise source. Arpeggiator, two envelopes and two LFOs completely assignable and a VCF. Panning effects too. The front panel has 6 knobs which can be assigned to six different lines so you can edit all parameters quickly and easily.

The Pulse has a very individual sound, at first it can be difficult to reign it in because the oscillators are very vocal and have a lot of raw power. The number of combinations of sounds is huge and usually one or two of the oscillators are more than enough.

As you would expect from Waldorf, its super professional kit made without any compromise on sound quality or quality of build."

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