Monday, March 12, 2012

Muse Research Receptor 2 Pro Max

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"The Workhorse for Composers, Studios and Touring Professionals

1 TB drive
4 GB memory2
3 Ghz Dual-Core Intel processor

Many of the world’s top touring professionals and composers of TV and film soundtracks have discovered that RECEPTOR is an invaluable tool, since it works with unrivalled efficiency as a stand-alone instrument as well as in concert with your existing computer DAW system to accelerate it. RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX is fitted with a 1 TB (1000GB) SATA 2 hard drive for storing huge sample libraries and delivering faster than you ever thought possible. Its 4GB of high-speed memory and 3GHz dual-core Intel processor enable you to run more plug-ins with super-low latency and high polyphony.

The key to RECEPTOR 2 PRO MAX is its combination of best-in-class hardware along with completely customized software that extracts all the power possible from the hardware. The software gives you dozens of proprietary features, such as the MIDI Filter, Snapshot presets, and Z-load functions as found in the RECEPTOR 2 and RECEPTOR 2 PRO, as well as features that are of special interest to composers and recording engineers, including Muse Research’s proprietary UniWire™ feature.

UniWire – The modular way to add pure performance muscle to your DAW

UniWire™ lets you off-load processor intensive plug-ins from your computer (Mac or PC, laptop or desktop) and run them on RECEPTOR 2, vastly expanding the capabilities of your existing DAW system..."

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