Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Synthesizer

via this auction

"Mopho is a compact and affordable-but powerful-monophonic analog synthesizer. DSI has added two sub-octave generators-one per oscillator-for additional girth and crushing basses. The Push It button is a manual trigger that lets you play a specific note or latch notes and sequences on. It can also step through a sequence to play short melodic lines without a keyboard. Of course, Mopho can also be used with a MIDI controller or external sequencer. Mopho is fully programmable and all the parameters can be tweaked from the front panel. The four Assignable Parameters controls are assignable per program for optimum performance control. A free editor is available for Mac OS and Windows to facilitate programming. (And, if you already have a Prophet '08, most of Mopho's parameters can be controlled from the Prophet's front panel via MIDI!)"

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