Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blue Bleep Labs Thingamagoop 2

via this auction

"Manufacturer's Description
The Thingamagoop 2 is a handmade, analog + digital synthesizer you control with light.
- Analog VCO controlled by photocell.
- Digital mode with sample and hold, Arpeggios, noise, and bit crush effects.
- Open source, Arduino code so you can program your own sounds!
- Analog mode with all the sounds of the original Thingamagoop.
- Controllable “LEDacle” – Ramp and random waveforms with rate control.
- New modulators – Square wave amplitude modulator and triangle wave pulse width modulator.
- Tough, stomp box type body with silk screened graphics in 3 different styles.
- Easy to access battery – No more screws.
- Much fuller and louder speaker.
- CV out. Control your vintage synth or modular with light!
- Kit now comes with a pre-drilled enclosure."

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