Saturday, October 29, 2011


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mechanical animals

'— 2 channels - each channel has:
— 2 frequency regulators (with x1 and x10 switches)
— low, mid and high frequency
— overload LEDs"

Yamaha AN1x

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Vintage Roland JX-3P Synthesizer

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Moog Opus 3

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"Three basic sections - Strings, Organ, and Brass. Also has very nice adjustable chorus feature for the Strings and Organ section, and the powerful Moog Filter for the Organ and Brass sections. Pitch wheel, 49 keys, and modulation section. Designed by Herb Deutsch, who originally steered Robert Moog into building synthesizers, and later worked for Moog Music."

Yamaha TQ5 FM Synth Module

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A video of one just went up on MATRIXSYNTH here.

"The TQ-5 was an entry level FM Workstation in a keyboardless, sparsely decorated desktop unit manufactured by Yamaha in the earli 1990s. It uses the same synthesis engin as the more well known DX-100, DX-21, DX-11, TX81Z and FB-01.
The TQ5 features 4 FM operators per voice, and 8 voices of polyphony with 8-parts multitimbrality. The TQ-5 also has easy "Quick Edit" keys to access some basic parameters for instant tweaks. The TQ-5 is capable of many of the great sounds associated with Yamaha's classic FM synthesizer.
Additionally, the TQ-5 features built-in digital effects and an 8-track sequencer (with 8 song capacity) rounding out the "workstation" aspect of this machine. This is an ideal way to get all of those classic FM sounds from the eighties in a compact, affordable package.
Key Specifications:
• Polyphony: 8 Voices
• Oscillators: 4FM operators with 8 waveforms
• Effects: reverb, chorus, echo, distortion
• LFO: one LFO
• Filter: No Filter
• Envelopes: ADSR envelopes
• Arpeg/Seq: Arpeggiator: None; Sequence: 8 track, 8 song.
• Keyboard: None
• Memory: 100 presets, 100 user patches, external memory card
• Control: MIDI (8 parts)."

Dave Smith Mopho - analogue synth

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Roland SH-32 synthesizer sound module

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