Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yamaha TQ5 FM Synth Module

via this auction
A video of one just went up on MATRIXSYNTH here.

"The TQ-5 was an entry level FM Workstation in a keyboardless, sparsely decorated desktop unit manufactured by Yamaha in the earli 1990s. It uses the same synthesis engin as the more well known DX-100, DX-21, DX-11, TX81Z and FB-01.
The TQ5 features 4 FM operators per voice, and 8 voices of polyphony with 8-parts multitimbrality. The TQ-5 also has easy "Quick Edit" keys to access some basic parameters for instant tweaks. The TQ-5 is capable of many of the great sounds associated with Yamaha's classic FM synthesizer.
Additionally, the TQ-5 features built-in digital effects and an 8-track sequencer (with 8 song capacity) rounding out the "workstation" aspect of this machine. This is an ideal way to get all of those classic FM sounds from the eighties in a compact, affordable package.
Key Specifications:
• Polyphony: 8 Voices
• Oscillators: 4FM operators with 8 waveforms
• Effects: reverb, chorus, echo, distortion
• LFO: one LFO
• Filter: No Filter
• Envelopes: ADSR envelopes
• Arpeg/Seq: Arpeggiator: None; Sequence: 8 track, 8 song.
• Keyboard: None
• Memory: 100 presets, 100 user patches, external memory card
• Control: MIDI (8 parts)."

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