Thursday, December 01, 2011

E-MU ESYNTH Ultra Sampler

via this auction
"E-Synth Ultra is a full-blown E4 sampling synthesizer that offers you a large palette of internal, high-quality sounds and unprecedented expansion capabilities. E-Synth Ultra's internal sound ROM is optimised for the E4 Ultra's advanced Digital Modular Synthesis architecture, featuring 64 digital 6th order filters, 32 voice layering, and a virtual PatchCord system to give you total control of your sounds.

64 voice polyphony (upgradeable to 128) allows you layer and playback huge sequences
16 MB internal soundROM with 1256 presets - perfect for live performance
Z-plane filters (21 different types) and advanced modulation of synthesis parameters
EOS Link software (Mac/ PC) allows remote operation of your E4 Ultra
Beat-Munging tool for unprecedented control and editing of loops and grooves
32 MIDI channels, 8 balanced analog outputs (expandable to 16), AES/EBU, Word Clock

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