Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vintage WEM Watkins Copicat IC-500 Delay

via this auction

"This is an extremely rare model of the WEM Watkins Copicat... The serial number is very low (possibly because there were so few of these ever made): Serial: CW028 (I presume CW refers to the designer Charlie Watkins)... The technical description of the IC 500 states:

'The IC 500 employs no less than 3 charge coupled devices where the normally acceptable echo unit would only use one. This provides the special feature of unequally staggered delay "heads" and allows the unit to perform with a frequency band from 20Hz to 4kHz even at maximum delay time of 0.4 seconds. The IC500 is provided with 36dB anti-aliasing filter effectively removing spurious and harsh frequency interference.'"

Video of the actual unit for sale below with guitar.

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