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Monday, October 03, 2011

Moog MG-1 Analogue Synth - Realistic MG1

via this auction
"Controls, features :-

Independant tune for poly and mono synths
Modulation / lfo of osc 1 + 2, filter with a choice of triangle, square and random which is like sample and hold
LFO speed control
OSC sync - Syncs osc 2 to 1 which gives very nice detune effects
OSC 1 - Octave select 0 / -1 / -2 transpose
OSC 1 saw and square select
OSC 2 has a detune slider
OSC 2 Octave select 0 / -1 / +1
OSC 2 has Sawtooth and Pulse
Contour section enevelope, Sustain in/out + Contoured. Keyed or Continous trigger. Rise and Fall time
Filter keyboard tracking 1/2 and Full
Cutoff filter, Resonance, Contour
Mixer section with volume for osc 1 + osc 2 + noise + Bell tone ring modulation, poly synth
2 x phono outputs for audio out on rear
Headphone out - I use the headphone output as the main out as it has more gain
External cv and trigger input so can be controlled with another synth via midi with a kenton"

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