Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Alesis Fusion 6HD workstation synthesizer

via this auction
"The Hollow Sun Sound Packs have been installed in the 40 GB built-in hard drive. To re-install or download additional sound packs, go to the Alesis Fusion website: www[dot]alesis[dot]com/fusion6hd > Docs & Downloads

Here are the key features from the Fusion site: www[dot]alesis[dot]com/fusion6hd

61 note semi-weighted keyboard workstation
Four integrated synthesis types: Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM and Physical Modeling
Full synth workstation with 8 track 24-bit Hard Disk recording and 40Gb internal hard-drive
Comprehensive waveform editing, internal memory expandable from 64MB to 192MB
Save and load programs off of a hard disk (or the removable Compact Flash memory);
32 Track MIDI sequencer built in with integrated multi-channel digital audio playback
Store all your sounds on the internal disk and always have your programs available to you
Onboard grand piano based on acclaimed "Holy Grail Piano," by Q Up Arts
Storage options include built-in hard disk, USB 2.0, compact flash
Multi-channel input and output options in both analog and digital (S/PDIF and ADAT Lightpipe)
Large 240x128 backlit LCD display
Fully assignable buttons and 360 degree knobs for hands-on control of synth parameters (or control of external gear through MIDI)
Fully programmable arpeggiator with standard, phrase and drum machine playback
Import and convert WAVE files (.wav), AIFF files (.aif and .aiff), Akai S-1000/3000, SoundFonts (.sf2) files using the Alesis Fusion Converter™ application."

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