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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Roland MV-8800 Sampler / Synth / Drum Machine / Sequencer

via this auction
"The Roland MV-8800 is a fully functioning sampler, synth, and multitrack recorder. This unit packed with features, including parameters that can be assigned to the automated control surfaces, a built-in 24-channel stereo mixer, and extensive signal-processing functions. The MV-8800 also includes a powerful hard drive with a 128-instrument sound library, as well real-time BPM tempo-matching and pitch-matching and a host of effects and models. You can create and manipulate great-sounding tracks right out of the box with the MV-8800!

Roland MV-8800 at a Glance:

Synthesis, sampling, recording, mixing, and mastering all in one box
Sound library onboard
Amazing pitch and time control
Vintage and modern effects onboard"

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