Friday, September 09, 2011

NOVATION KS RACK with Original Box

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"The KS Rack synthesizer from Novation features 4 part multi-timbrality, 16 voice polyphony and 4 individual audio outputs. The core sound engine uses the advanced liquid Analog technology from the KS4 / 5 series synthesizers. Other exciting new features including - HYPERSYNC TM editing, oscillator waveform tables and drum maps make this the perfect sound source for the studio or gigging musician.

Desktop or Rack mounting 5U package with 33 Knobs/Sliders for instant control

Superb Liquid Analog sound based on enhanced K-Station engine

Unique HYPERSYNC editing for instant sync and effects settings

4-part multi-timbral with 4 individual outs

16-voice polyphony

16-band vocoder and 4 arpeggiators

2 x 20 Character blue backlit Liquid Crystal Display

Audio Input for processing of External Signals

400 memories (200 pre-programmed) & 100 performance memories (50 pre-programmed)

6 high quality simultaneous FX on each part: Reverb, Chorus, Phaser Delay, Panning & Distortion, EQ Filter

Sustain and Expression pedal inputs

Hands on, Clear and Responsive Control
The ergonomically designed front panel is inviting, and yet simple to use with all the important sound shaping controls immediately available. For ease of editing, the blue and silver 2 x 20 character back-lit LCD screen accepts full descriptions for program and parameter naming -no more cryptic messages. Recall a named factory preset, tweak it to get 'your sound' and instantly save it in any of the 400 program or 100 performance locations. For flexibility, each program held in a performance is a complete new set of data and therefore, comprehensive MIDI implementation transmits every movement of any knob, slider or button and this may be recorded in real-time by a sequencer.

Hypersync Editing Makes Synchronization to the Beat Effortless
Applying the large number of MIDI clock / tempo synchronized effects and synthesizer parameters can be laborious and time consuming. One twist of the powerful HYPERSYNC edit control applies selections of musically satisfying synchronization and effects settings. These settings may be edited by the user and saved as a template. Once applied, the feature allows for the creation of really complex audio motion effects that are perfectly locked to the tempo of the musical piece.

Analog Modeled Oscillators with Complex Waveform Replay
As well as providing waveforms such as Sine, Tri, Saw, Square/Pulse, twenty four additional complex waves are available which loop after one or more cycles. Using these complex waves, it is possible to create a vast range of timbres from Sub Basses, EP's / Clavs, Organs, and stunning Drum/Percussive bites. The oscillators feature a doubling facility which provide twin waveforms with no loss of polyphony. To complete the Oscillator section, the Oscillators may be set to unison, synchronized or set to FM mode. A Noise source delivers four separate timbres which provide the raw sonic information for a whole range of classic electronic drum sounds and special FX's.

Modulated Mixer
As well and being able to adjust the static levels of the oscillator outputs, the new mixer section introduces volume modulation that permits dynamic blends of the outputs of the oscillator sound sources. Using a cross fade waveform from any of the LFO's as a modulation source, a complex oscillator waveform may be created. For example a new type of kick drum sound may be synthesized by combining a special waveform from one oscillator, a sine wave from another and finally adding a special noise type from the noise source.

Warm Multi Mode Liquid Filter
The advanced sound engine utilizes the superb warm filter from the KS4 / 5 series keyboards and adds selectable low, band and high pass modes at 12 or 24dB slopes.

Vocoder and External Audio Input
The onboard 16 band Vocoder makes it easy to add those fashionable vocal effects to the mix. The external audio input allows an audio signal to be substituted for an oscillator waveform or to be processed automatically by the internal filter and envelope generators without trigger signals.

Integrated Effects on Each Part
Novation set the industry standard with the famed Supernova Synthesizer for providing a complete set of powerful effects for each part. The KS Rack adopts this sound structure which makes for 24 simultaneous effects and a global Vocoder. The effects include a Distortion unit that adds edge for harder sounds, a synchronized stereo Chorus or Phaser for spatial effects and a Reverb that adds an extra dimension and realism. A synchronized Panner and the Delay engine complete the comprehensive lineup.

Pattern Based Arpeggiater Four Times Over
No less than four arpeggiators with programmable mode, speed, synchronization, sweep range and pattern selection are stored within programs for instant recall. Hit a single key and trigger a wall of sound. All 4 Arpeggiators and both LFOs can be individually synchronized to MIDI Clock in different time signatures."

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