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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mode Machines SL1 Synthlab Analog Synthesizer

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"The Synthlab SL-1uses a 100 percent true analog circuitry with subtractive synthesis which is designed in a classic way. This design is not new because it started in the early 70s with the voltage controlled modular systems. The Synthlab uses low pass filter based on the transistor cascade

As the Synthlab SL-1 has a built-in MIDI interface, you will find it easy to integrate into any MIDI studio setup. The Synthlab also has a built-in MIDI-To-CV/Gate interface which can become very handy, when using vintage equipment. The Synthlab is a hand-made true discrete analogue synthesizer built in Germany. Mode Machines have used components from the 70s and 80s but also modern technology. There are no DSPs or such built-in, so the sound is true, pure and very experimental like a small synthesizer laboratory.

The setup of the Synthlab SL-1 is very easy-to-use if you have played around with other analog synthesizers. Every parameter has its own pot for controlling and playing with the modulation and everything can be controlled manually in real-time. The controls of the modules are divided into groups on the frontplate so they can be visually separated for easier use. For basic setup you have 2 VCOs and an external audio input. The selected signal can be routed through the VCF and VCA before it reaches the audio output. For each VCF and VCA you have an own envelope generator. Additionally you have various modulation routing possibilities through the LFOs. "

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