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Friday, August 26, 2011

Meeblip Digital Synthesizer

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"Manufacturer's Description:

MeeBlip is a hackable, affordable digital synthesizer, made for accessible sound and hands-on control. It can be someone’s first synth. It can be a unique-sounding addition to your music setup, playable with MIDI hardware and software. It can be a synth you open up and modify, learning about sound creation, code, and electronics. Or it can be the basis of new projects and ideas.

Out of the box, a monophonic virtual analog synth.
Eight user-definable knobs and sixteen slide switches, for hands-on control with the immediacy of a classic monosynth.
Tasty digital synth sounds.
Use it as-is, or use the source code to remap controls or completely redefine the instrument’s architecture.
Available ready for simple, solder-free assembly with a case, or as a kit, all on a single board. Build your own, or make a different project with the MeeBlip sound engine.
8-bit digital brain.
MIDI input.
4-pole active low-pass antialising filter.
Open source hardware. Modify anything, buy some kits and sell your own builds, or make new projects. We want to see what you create, and share progress. (Find out more about open source hardware and the MeeBlip.)
Complete kits ship with a custom front panel illustrated by Nathanael Jeanneret

The instrument is designed by James Grahame, synthesist, aficionado of things both digital and retro, and engineer at Reflex Audio, in collaboration with Create Digital Music. We wanted something playable and hackable, and the MeeBlip fits the bill.

The MeeBlip’s story doesn’t end when you get it. It’s built to be a community synth. We’re not just releasing code and schematics and calling it a day; the MeeBlip will be supported by Create Digital Music and the Noisepages community to help get you started with ideas for how to use, play, and modify it.

Oh yeah – and don’t forget to practice!

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