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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ensoniq FIZMO

via this auction
Be sure to see the Fizmo Fix.
"Performance features
five Fizmo real-time control knobs
four dedicated Sound buttons allow convenient selection, layering and key range assignment of presets
17 dedicated Sound and Effect editing knobs
all four zones can play local sounds or external MIDI sources
48 dynamically assigned voices
Dual layer voice architecture with the following parameters (per layer): Independent waveform selection, Volume, and Pan
four-pole dynamic digital low-pass resonant filters with key tracking (33 settings, including fractional scaling)
three envelope generators that can be modulated by velocity, key scaling, and response to release velocity
22 modulation sources, 8 modulation destinations
one LFO (seven waveform choices can sync to Arpeggiator or external MIDI clock)
variable rate noise generator can sync to Arpeggiator or external MIDI Octave, semi-tone, and fine tuning
pitch tracking (33 settings, including fractional scaling)
45 ROM pitch tables (256 steps per semi-tone resolution)
glide mode, glide time
mono/poly playback
programmable pitch bend range
sustain on/off

Polyphony - 48 voices
Oscillators - 4 MB of 16-bit internal wave ROM, featuring Transwaves (created through digital synthesis and resynthesis technologies); 2 osc for each of 4 presets - total of 8 simultaneous - 58 waveforms
LFO - 8 LFO's (7 waveform choices, can sync to Arpeggiator or external MIDI clock)
Filter - Resonant LP & BP 4 pole filters. Non-Resonant 2LP+2HP, 3LP+1HP, 2LP+2LP, 3LP+1HP filters.
Effects - 41 digital VLSI 24-bit effects (8 Global Reverbs, Chorus, Flanger, DDL, Distortion, Tunable Speaker, Chatter Box, Vocal Morph, Auto-Wah, Vocoder); Processes incoming audio
Keyboard - 61 semi-weighted keys (velocity and channel pressure sensitive, 4 programmable key ranges, 4 possible zones)
Memory - 128 ROM sounds, Up to 128 RAM, 64 Presets
Control - MIDI (up to 4 polyphonic channels)
Date Produced - 1998"

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