Sunday, March 20, 2011


via this auction
"Yamaha says features include:
* A bold metallic blue body, knobs in the style of a classic analogue synth, and a simple key layout. Easy voice editing.
* 10 note polyphonic operation, voice unison play, and assignable data entry knobs, with push parameter confirmation.
* 4-track 'FREE EG', user defined envelope generation system, with looping, allows the recording of up to 4 parameters at once into a template macro.
* User programmable arpeggiator with 16 step loop sequencer featuring 'swing' parameters, and up to 144 user patterns.
* Assignable ribbon controller, can be applied to elements such as filter cutoff and resonance.
* 2, 3 and 4 pole fully resonant filtering, with filter model based upon classic analogue synths.
* Programmable 3 way parallel 24 bit resolution multi effects processor, with multi EQ for each voice.
* Stunning user panel edit matrix for quick and easy editing.

* Macintosh editing software available for deep parameter access."

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