Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roland SH-2 vintage analog synthesizer

via this auction
"A fully functional Roland SH-2 vintage analog mono-synth from the late 70s. It has 2 VCOs + 1 sub oscillator (waveforms: sine, saw, square, variable pulse, and noise), LFO with sine, square, and sample & hold. It has a resonant, self oscillating 24db lowpass filter, which can be controlled by the envelope generator, the LFO, or the keyboard. It can also process an external audio input. The bender has a very nice feel to it, and it can simultaneously control any amount of filter cutoff or pitch of both oscillators or just one, which I found vary useful for jumping into harmonic intervals. Only issue is two missing slider caps on the LFO delay, and the EG release, though it does not impede functionality. Serial#:096305"

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