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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Roland MC202

via this auction
"This is a classic roland XOX macine. Actually quite fun to program. Its different but easy, makes you think in new ways. God for coming up with unique sequences, and of course you know that it has 2 sequences available at all times so you can drive another analog wynth with this as this one plays its own sequence. If you have a CV/Gate keyboard or sequencer, you can program it through that too, opening up a whole new world of possibilities...nice integration indeed for an analog studio... A great classic sound as heard on alot of songs (check youtube for people covering these songs iwth this synth) Ballsy bass with its -1 or -2 suboctave. great useable LFO range and nice resonant filter.

There is a bit of green paint on the top left corner as shown in the third picture along with some clear paint as you can see. Overall though it looks fine, is very clean and functionally is great. Would be a good candidate, due to it not being mint, for a bunch of mods. Which are easy and widely documented. This synth is missing the battery cover, but these are availalbe easily on ebay."

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