Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yamaha TG-33 Vector Synthesizer Module + ROM card

via this auction
"The TG-33 uses a 2-operator FM/PCM hybrid engine with joystick-controlled vector synthesis. Yamaha calls the hybrid engine DASS which stands for Dual Architecture Synthesis System. The PCM samples used are version 1 of Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) and are 12 bits in resolution. It also has an expansion card slot.

Although it has 32 voices of polyphony, most patches use 4 oscillators to take advantage of the vector morphing capabilities of this synthesizer, making this unit 8-note polyphonic for all practical purposes.

Keyboard versions of the TG-33 are the SY-22 and SY-35, both of which are similar to the Korg Wavestation."

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