Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1970s Micro Moog Vintage Synth

via this auction
"Micro Moog Serial Number: 6683 , This single-oscillator monophonic synth, designed as a solo performance Moog. But it's an not so expensive alternative to the Minimoog. In fact, it is often used as just a stand-alone filter processor since it has a filter that is virtually identical to the Mini, and accepts external sounds for processing through it! It also employs a ribbon controller (which was a cool new feature) for pitch bending. Notice that there are still plenty of knobs to give you access to the shape of your sounds! Anyone who's had one of these will know it’s a powerful synth, more modern achitecture and routing than the mini and equally funky-even with just one osc+doubler. The external audio feed brings out unheard of filtration. this played back to back against a modern4osc synth just took the party recently with its fatness and richness and downright dirtiness..."

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