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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Doepfer A-100 Modular Synthesizer

via this auction
"A-190 midi-cv / sync interface
A-155 analog / trigger sequencer
A-111 high end voltage controlled oscillator
A-151 seq.switch
A-181 multiples 2
A-117 digital noise / 808 source
A-175 voltage inv.
A-110 standard vco X 3
A-147 voltage controlled vco
A-142 voltage controlled decay / gate
A-119 external in / env follower
A-170 slew limiter
A-126 vc frequency shifter
A-141 voltage controlled envelope gen
A-120 low pass filter
A-130 linear vca
A-114 ring modulator
A-115 audio divider
A-116 vc waveform processor
A-138 mixer X 2
A-121 multimode filter
A-145 lfo X 2
A-123 24db high pass filter
A-140 envelope generator X 2
A-125 phase shifter
A-160 clock divider
A-161 clock sequencer
A-180 multiples
A-150 dual vcs
A-148 dual sample and hold
A-118 noise + random voltage
A-162 dual trigger delay
A-131 exp vca
2 x 6u powered cabinets."

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