Monday, August 23, 2010

Yamaha DX200 FM Synthesizer

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quasimidi rave-o-lution

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MakeNoise Pressure Points

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Yamaha TX7 Synthesizer Tone Module

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"To play music using the sounds from this module, you simply connect a standard MIDI cable from the MIDI output of your music keyboard to the MIDI IN jack on the back of this unit. There is no built-in speaker, so to hear the music you're playing you'll need to connect the quarter-inch audio Output jack on the back of the unit to a mixer or amp. Alternatively, there is a quarter-inch headphone jack on the back of the unit, so you could listen through headphones without needing a mixer or amp.

You can find thousands of free patches online that can be downloaded into the TX7. Just look for any System Exclusive files (also known as Sysex or .SYX files) for the DX7 keyboard, and you should be able to load sounds right into the TX7 from your computer (assuming you have some kind of MIDI OUT port on your computer and a MIDI cord). In particular, you may want to look for "Dave Benson's DX7 Page" which has one big zip file with thousands of sound patches.

There are also a lot of free or low-cost computer programs available you can use on your computer as "editor/librarian" software (this lets you organize all the free patches you can download and edit existing patches to create your own new sounds). Just search for "DX7 editor librarian" and anything you find should work with the TX7 as well.

The TX7 stores 32 sound patches at a time, and you change between them with the buttons on the front of the unit."

Novation A-Station Synthesizer Module

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Vermona DRM1 MKII Drum Machine

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"The DRM1 MKII is an eight-channel, completely analog drum synthesizer. It gives you total control over every parameter through its 72 controls.

Each channel features specific parameters for generating a certain kind of drum and/or percussive sound. They are divided into:
- three DRUM channels
- one MULTI channel
- one SNARE channel
- two HI HAT / CYMBAL channels
- one CLAP channel

In addition to the main stereo output, every channel is also equipped with an individual output / insert jack for external effects loops.

The DRM1 MKII can be triggered via MIDI - MIDI channel and note number can be freely assigned.


Each channel has its own output/insert jack on the front panel. The rear panel features the master output (L/R), as well as the MIDI IN and THRU jacks. As an option, a group of 10 standard trigger inputs is available that allows use of the DRM1 MKII with analog step sequencers or trigger pads. The DRM1 MKII has an integrated power supply.

The sturdy design and construction of the metallic blue chassis makes it possible to use the DRM1 MKII either in a 19" rack or as a tabletop unit with the front panel tilted on a convenient angle."


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