Friday, July 30, 2010

Waldorf Pulse Synthesizer

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Novation X-Station 25

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"Novation X-Station Synth/MIDI controller. The 25 full sized keys along with the amazing synth and midi capabilities makes this an ideal choice compared to the Micro Korg, which is for children."

Seller's comments, not mine. :)

MOOG Percussion Controller Model 1130

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Yamaha DX-11

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"Thousands of patches are avaible on the net as the four Operator loads all the patches from the TX81z, FB01, DX27 etc etc"

x0xb0x xB303 - TB303 clone

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"TB-303 reproduction:
identical copy of the analogue voice circuit
original transistors and components
for an original tb-303 sound

vintage sounds:
100% analogue monophonic synthesizer
1v/oct control voltage and gate out
dinsync for your favorite drum machine

modern feel:
digital sequencer with memory
audio out/thru
midi in/out/thru
usb computer access

custom design:
hand built in the sub-tropical east coast of australia
precision tuned with professional test equipment
durable corrosion free fr4 fiberglass faceplate
with a solid and stylish plastic enclosure
Green 2mm Flat LEDs and Green Knobs
ethically sourced components from accredited stockists

that sound:
selected high beta transistors
audio grade polyester capacitors
1% metal film resistors with matched DAC
multi-turn trims for precise tuning
genuine NOS 2sc1583, 2sc2291, 2sk30A,
BA6610, LA4140 and AN6562.
complete with all the electronic voodoo

all new parts.
pcb and modern components
lead free and RoHS compliant"

Access Virus C Desktop Synth

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