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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doepfer A100 MODULAR

via this auction
"3 x A110 VCO
1 x A112 Sampler/Wavetable Oscillator (superb)
1x A114 Dual Ring Modulator
1 x A118 Noise / Ramdom generator
1 x A121 VCF2 Multimode Filter
1 x A120 VCF
1 x A131 VCA
1 x A134 VC Auto panner
1 x A138 Linear Mixer
3 x A140 Envelope Generator (ADSR)
1 x A147 VC LFO
1 x A145 LFO
1 x A148 Dual Sample and Hold
1 x A162 Dual Trigger / Delay"

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