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Sunday, November 28, 2010


via this auction
"Yamaha TX216 - The Yamaha TX216 consists of an expandable MRF8 MIDI main frame rack with 2 x TF1 FM tone modules. The TF1 tone module is very much like the DX7, without the keyboard. The TF1 panel is equipped with the MIDI IN and Thru ports and a balanced XLR output connector. The MRF8 MIDI main frame is equipped with a power supply unit, MIDI In, Out and Thru ports. and MIDI out selector.

* 2 TF1 digital FM tone generator modules in an expandable rack-mountable system
* Each TF1 contains a 6-operator FM tone generator with 32 RAM voice memories
* Each module contains 32 function memories corresponding to the 32 voice memories
* Independent MIDI IN and THRU terminals for each module
* Common MIDI IN/OUT/THRU terminals
* Independent balanced XLR audio outputs from each module
* All voice and performance
* memories can be programmed via an external 6-operator DX synthesizer

* Sound Source: FM Tone Generator
* Connections TFI: MIDI In/Thru, XLR Out
* Connections Rack Main Frame: MIDI In/Out/Thru,
* Configuration: Midi Rack Frame TFI Tone Generator x 2
* Dimensions: 480mm x 176mm x 346mm
* Weight: 10Kg

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